Art with a Purpose

A ministry focus provided by No-Parameters

Thursday Nights 6-8 in the Cafe

Our first art class enabled us to paint a sunflower understanding that we are designed to feed and encourage.

The second class included this explanation:

Broken is beautiful because, by His stripes we are healed. 

If we hadn't been broken we wouldn't be healed, we wouldn't know how much He loves us.

Broken hearts are the best places for miracles to happen. They're the best places for joy to enter because there are plenty of cracks for it to fill!

And, broken hearts, that have been healed, are the ones that need to be shared because they provide hope, and compassion to others.

When you're walking in His love, it's not as hard to share your heart with people, because you're no longer concerned about the wounds you suppose they might inflict upon you.

Broken hearts, though they shatter, set us free.